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Every day life is getting tougher and people in every country are getting poorer. We want to share this life changing opportunity with some of you. We acquire the very best crypto wallets that have been stolen from various sources like crypto exchanges, hardware wallets - and we bring this blessing to those who are lucky to find us here on dark web. We are not using any type of brute force software. It is impossible to generate a private key to an wallet address, so we just steal them and share some of them with you. There are many options how to make this happen. Hacking, stealers, phishing sites, backdoors, old hard drives, laundered accounts from crypto exchanges, services and few other methods.

● Bitcoin wallet key for sale, you say?

Yes! Legit Bitcoin wallet private keys. With guaranteed amount of money. A private key of Bitcoin is a secret number that allows Bitcoins to be spent. Every Bitcoin wallet contains one or more private keys, which are saved in the wallet file. The private keys are mathematically related to all Bitcoin addresses generated for the wallet. With a private key you can spend all Bitcoin address funds.

● How can I use this Bitcoin key?

Bitcoin private key can be imported into an existing wallet. Here you will find the guide for Exodus wallet / app and for Electrum Bitcoin Wallet. With every purchased wallet we will e-mail you step by step walkthrough tutorial too. Contact us if any help is needed.

● How can I trust you?

Each BTC address for sale has a screenshot of the open Bitcoin core wallet. On top of that you can use a blockchain explorer like blockchain or btc.com to check the balance of the Bitcoin address. We sell the acquired private keys of our hacks and exploits, phishing because we don't want to be closely investigated. We can't use all of the funds. This hidden market is good business on the side and we like to help others make some money. If we spent all Bitcoin address balance, maybe the police can investigate us. But if many different people spend the Bitcoin wallet, nobody will investigate anything. It ain't for free, but it is the best, quick money you will make here on darknet. Slogan of our team remains "Service to humanity is service to God". Have a pleasant shopping brothers and sisters!

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BTC address: 141b5zjvUpNFWhqAxSQWntv6rmAmZssZVY
Blockchain.com: 141b5zjvUpNFWhqAxSQWntv6rmAmZssZVY
Private Key: SOLD
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.07760 BTC
Total Price: 0.00388 BTC

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Blockchain.com: 1DH3GZaGLbgFvVPP9NzZDZXQweKhU2BHeG
Private Key: L3b**************************************Rqs4ga
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.10 BTC
Total Price: 0.005 BTC
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BTC address: 12NVQvAUaPargkJ5T3H33kJX37j1Kwzp9j
Blockchain.com: 12NVQvAUaPargkJ5T3H33kJX37j1Kwzp9j
Private Key: Kfo**************************************MqqnRg
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.19 BTC
Total Price: 0.0095 BTC

BTC address: 153u6hz3LiVvT15iYtXoaK69oMhMuTCcAj
Blockchain.com: 153u6hz3LiVvT15iYtXoaK69oMhMuTCcAj
Private Key: SOLD
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.25490433 BTC
Total Price: 0.01274 BTC

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BTC address: 1JQLXZdb19UcW2z6m3FzNUbVRKTU8ke7MV
Blockchain.com: 1JQLXZdb19UcW2z6m3FzNUbVRKTU8ke7MV
Private Key: L2u**************************************TJmq3z
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.39370194 BTC
Total Price: 0.01968 BTC
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BTC address: 1MJ5ebhcgZczc5qvdJM3h5SNYgUjDxjWeD
Blockchain.com: 1MJ5ebhcgZczc5qvdJM3h5SNYgUjDxjWeD
Private Key: Kxr**************************************koEMNv
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.53970361 BTC
Total Price: 0.02698 BTC

BTC address: 17DyWSfa6yZYVUsSdkaYWBDHTSQkxjMQPf
Blockchain.com: 17DyWSfa6yZYVUsSdkaYWBDHTSQkxjMQPf
Private Key: SOLD
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 0.6425 BTC
Total Price: 0.032125 BTC

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BTC address: 1F654t1HxrZtg7uhcXyZeFvRsyB8HCnBXJ
Blockchain.com: 1F654t1HxrZtg7uhcXyZeFvRsyB8HCnBXJ
Private Key: L4q**************************************yTNGYi
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 1.08655881 BTC
Total Price: 0.0543 BTC
BTC address: 1MmYHhQR6DnxSaKCnFdH56yGKV8U2vFBt8
Blockchain.com: 1MmYHhQR6DnxSaKCnFdH56yGKV8U2vFBt8
Private Key: SOLD
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 1.19989720 BTC
Total Price: 0.05999 BTC

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BTC address: 1BpehDQS3JHQmH3p8y1PrG6sycJ8S4z677
Blockchain.com: 1BpehDQS3JHQmH3p8y1PrG6sycJ8S4z677
Private Key: Ldn**************************************TdmCfs
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 1.9298 BTC
Total Price: 0.09649 BTC
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BTC address: 179ubgmB4sTRQSutRMovStFoAHxfoVnDK5
Blockchain.com: 179ubgmB4sTRQSutRMovStFoAHxfoVnDK5
Private Key: Lk5**************************************ycEi2v
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 3.98999976 BTC
Total Price: 0.19949 BTC
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BTC address: 1JWXHwtBuVGDDjrVDQNFaBHhw7AhuuPeV9
Blockchain.com: 1JWXHwtBuVGDDjrVDQNFaBHhw7AhuuPeV9
Private Key: Kus**************************************813Zs
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 5.03448336 BTC
Total Price: 0.2517 BTC

BTC address: 1PQ6KJ57t8vSAsvSKSF7FhTrHtVAiYU51A
Blockchain.com: 1PQ6KJ57t8vSAsvSKSF7FhTrHtVAiYU51A
Private Key: SOLD
Bitcoin Wallet Balance: 8.380 BTC
Total Price: 0.419 BTC

If Bitcoin private key is sold, it's also marked as sold on market. Sale is made to the first buyer who sends payment. To be sure we both are safe we recommend to exchange the Bitcoins (BTC) to Monero (XMR).

Never admit to anyone, that you have purchased Bitcoin private keys here. Not even to your mom, husband, or wife. Make up any story you wish on how you got the money, but never tell them you got it from us. Let this be our secret!
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